Naturally Together

Naturally Together

Mixed media on panel

36" x 24" x 1"


Karen Sikie was always interested in art as a child, thanks to her father and grandmother, who were hobby artists. While studying in college, she stumbled upon an art book featuring the work of Gustav Klimt, and was immediately drawn to the beauty and intricate patterns in his artwork. Karen's work is primarily focused on nature's beauty and energy, with a particular interest in the butterfly as an iconic symbol of transformation. She also considers the human form a part of nature, and enjoys exploring the terrain of a face and mapping emotions. Her specialty is custom work, and she is excellent at collaborating and working within parameters for a person, space or project. In addition to her art, Karen is also dedicated to giving back to the environment. She donates a portion of all proceeds from the sale of her work to environmental charities. For Karen, nature is a way of life, and it shows her how to live in peace, gratitude, and reciprocity.

Available for commission